Welcome to our OCC Blog

So along with our new website we’re going to do a regular blog!  It’s something new for our church – but then again there have been lots of new and exciting things happening lately.  The idea of the blog will be to share a variety of thoughts about life and church and faith and God – some might be a bit more in depth, some will be more casual – we’ll try and mix it up!  The aim is to help keep us all just that little bit more connected between Sundays and hopefully give us all something encouraging and thought provoking to think about – because staying connected and encouraging one another is a big part of our church life!

Below is the text from the “Who We Are” section of our website. As you read it you’ll notice that there is a sense of together and community and we in it.  That’s because we can’t talk about church or Christianity without that sense!  Following Jesus is something we are called to do together.

Oldaker Christian Church is a community of faith, love and hope made up of people of varying ages, interests and backgrounds who are exploring and living out the Christian faith together. We do most of the things that churches generally do – we worship, we engage with the bible, we eat together, we hang out with each other, we pray, we have fun, we support and love each other, we do life together, we serve the community. We believe that through Jesus anyone can find true life, love, hope and a relationship with God and so together we are attempting to follow him and live his way.

Our new building, website and those sorts of things are great, but as we’ve said many times, they are secondary and in many ways unimportant.  What we are truly building here at OCC is a living church community which is something far more important, dynamic, lasting and fulfilling than any piece of property!

And it is God himself who is our Architect, Engineer, Project manager and Foreman in that project.  We are the workers – applying the skills and energy he’s given us in partnership with the Spirit, but it is his project – our living church community is his ‘building’.  As the Apostle Peter said, we are all living stones (or bricks!) in the new temple of God, a temple constructed of transformed and Spirit filled people, built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

Let’s commit ourselves to seeing His building project continue to be built in and through us as we move forward TOGETHER in dependence on Him.


Author: David Pearson