What we do

As well as Sundays, we do some other stuff together – sometimes in smaller groups, sometimes all together. Here’s a few things we do or have done:



Alpha is a short course designed specifically to give everyone the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view; in a friendly and open group setting.

Each short Alpha session looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. Alpha is based around: great food (a meal or a supper), a talk and good conversation. Courses have been run around 30 million times around the world.

At OCC we run Alpha regularly and you’d be very welcome to join our next course. Simply contact us to find out more or express your interest in the next Alpha group.

For more information about Alpha visit www.alpha.org.au



The men in the church sometimes have a Saturday morning breakfast together. Often in someone’s shed and usually involving a BBQ or two. We have a basketball team that plays in the local social competition. We’ve also had golf days, AFL grand final days, 4WD trips, movie nights, workplace tours – all with a view of strengthening and encouraging each other in or toward our faith, supporting each other in life and building a sense of community together. As well as this, a group of guys meet for ‘Blokes Bible Study’ on a Thursday night at the church.



There are a few women’s connect groups or bible studies during the week. Contact us for more details.



Our primary school aged children participate in a dedicated program for around 30-45 minutes while the sermon is on each Sunday of the school term. During school holidays they stay in church with their families. The kids enjoy the learning and having fun together.



Oldaker Youth is a youth group run each week during school terms, usually on Friday nights, by Oldaker Christian Church for kids in grade 7 to 12.

It is a welcoming community of young people, where everyone belongs and strong friendships are formed. At Oldaker Youth, teenagers have the opportunity to engage in open and honest discussions about God, life and the challenges they face each day.

Our purpose is to help shape, nurture and grow our young people in character, wisdom and faith. We want to equip and empower them to be leaders within their peer groups, with a heart for others and a drive to create change, who model real Christian values through a real and personal relationship with God – and of course, we have a heap of fun in the process!

To find out more about our youth program please contact our youth pastor, Joseph Hays, joe.h@oldakercc.org.au


Young Adults

OCC Young Adults is an informal group of friends from age 18-30 or so who are part of our normal church life but also get together each Wednesday night, oftentimes for dinner before a casual bible study.



Whenever possible, we like to do things together, as where anyone and everyone can come and whole families can participate together.

We love to eat together. We regularly have church community lunches after our Sunday gathering (think Taco’s, Soups, Picnics, Chicken n Chips, Apple Crumble, etc!)

We have a bushwalking group, worship nights, a Parkrun group, training nights. We’ve had Curry Nights, Family Fun nights, 50’s and 60’s nights. We run Alpha, we have a regular Prayer gathering, we have smaller Connect Groups. We’ve had Christmas Carols on the lawn, we do Easter Thursday dinners. We make a special effort for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We serve together in the community through Meals on Wheels, Chaplaincy programs and other initiatives.

However, while we love to get together, we don’t want to be so crazy busy that we add to the stress in people’s lives so we try to gather around the natural rhythms of life like meals and exercise and special occasions that everyone is involved in anyway in order to keep time and space free for families, school, work and informal friendships that are a normal healthy part of everyone’s life.



A key part of the churches role is to support people at and during the significant times in life.

At OCC we offer wedding, baby dedication, and funeral or memorial services to help people mark the keystone moments of life in a loving and faith filled way.



At Oldaker Christian Church we love to worship God. We believe that worship is an intimate and personal connection with our Lord and Saviour. We aim to be transparent in the way we worship; to focus on God, and through that; provide a way for others to connect with Him.

Our team is made up of ordinary people who love God and have a heart to serve Him. We aim to not just sing the songs; but to truly worship Him. We don’t want to simply play the music; but to lead people into the presence of God.

In God’s word it says, ‘Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.’ This is the heart of worship; the reason we worship, and no matter what we face, we want to come to him with joy and praise His name.

But we also know that worship is more than a Sunday activity. That we are called to worship God with our lives by the way we live and to worship him in the “ordinary” days and activities of life

If you’d like more information, please contact Grace at gracerpearson@gmail.com



At OCC we partner with a number of other groups locally, and internationally to make a difference in people’s lives and in their communities.

Locally, we volunteer, support and partner with Devonport Chaplaincy, Grans Van, Meals on Wheels, the SPACE program and Karingal and Meercroft Aged Homes.

Internationally, we are partner with organisations, workers or churches in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Romania, Central Asia, and at various locations through Operation Christmas Child

Our church is also part of a movement of churches known as the Christian Community Churches of Australia.